Century Park

Century Park

Shanghai Century Park is called so because it was opened at the beginning of the new century in the year 2000, and also because it is situated at the end of Century Boulevard, in the Huamu Administrative and Cultural Center of Pudong New Area.

It is the biggest park in Shanghai, with detailed landscaping, a massive number of flowers of every colour, lakes, lawns, woods, and acres of green spaces. Though the park is extremely popular and full of visitors, its sheer size ensures it remains a peaceful space.

The park, sprawling over 140 hectares, is a combination of Eastern and Western landscaping and gardening styles, with English, Japanese, and Chinese lawn and garden architecture.  

Century Park

Attractions in Park

  • Century Park is divided into 7 parts, including the Lakeside Scenic Area, the Forest Landscape Area, the Amenity Grass, the Nature Reserve, the Folk Village, the Exotic Zone, and the Mini Golf Course.
  • It is beautified by 45 scenic spots such as the Century Flower Bell, Mirror Lake, High Column Fountain, Lucky Pond, Lotus Pond, Bird Island, and Green World Relief Sculpture Wall.
  • The park’s features also include 13 participatory recreation projects such as a children’s park; leisure bicycles, cars, and rides; boat rides; a maze; a fishing area; a pigeon feeding zone; coffee bars and restaurants; and numerous other leisure facilities and activities.  
Century Park

Basic Information

Opening hours:  7am – 6pm daily; 7am – 5pm in winters
Admission fee: RMB 10 per person; entrance for senior citizens over 70 and children below 120 cm is free. Fee prices are raised during the ‘golden week’ holiday periods.
Best time to visit: During the beautiful and fragrant Plum Blossom Show in the Chinese New Year (Spring Festival). With more than 3,000 plum blossom trees in the park, it is the largest plum blossom woods in Shanghai, and a popular tourist attraction.
Note: Pets are not allowed in the park.

13 Things to Do at Shanghai Century Park

  1. Enjoy the beauty of the four seasons in the Spring Garden, Summer Garden, Autumn Garden, and Winter Garden in the Woodland Lawn Area, a section with soft green grass, European-style buildings with red roof tiles, and a clear stream flowing by.
  2. Explore more than 20,000 bamboo varieties in the Bamboo Forest, spread over 10,000 square meters and located in Bird Island.
  3. Watch the waterworks displays of Big Fountain, with 327 fountain heads spraying water up to 80 meters from the ground, and more than 300 lights illuminating it at night.  
  4. Relax in the tranquil Bird Island located in the center of the park and surrounded by Jingtian Lake. The bird reserve is spread over 2 hectares of land and home to several species of birds, and more than 50 species of trees including peach trees, plum blossom trees, and camphor trees.
  5. In the Exotic Zone, admire the stone carving replica of the Olmec Colossal Head presented to the Shanghai Municipal Government by the Veracruz State Government of Mexico.
  6. Walk under the shade of the ginkgo trees leading to Folk Village.
  7. Green World Relief Sculpture Wall, made of granite, depicts 29 species of animals and plants from the Asia-Pacific Region.
  8. See the reflection of the blue sky and white clouds in the Mirror Sky Lake, the largest man made lake in Shanghai covering 31 acres and 16 feet deep.  
  9. Check the time in the Century Flower Clock, an iconic clock with a diameter of 12 m surrounded by beautiful flower beds and controlled by satellite, with a deviation of less than 0.03 seconds.
  10. Rent a boat to visit the Lake Islands with white beaches and tall palm trees.
  11. Appreciate the harmony between humans, nature, and science and technology in Montreal Garden’s island, lake, exhibition area, multimedia center, and cafe, sponsored by the Canadian Government.
  12. Watch the show put on by the Music Fountain’s 208 fountain nozzles and 600 illuminations.
  13. Tee up at the 9-hole Golf Course, complete with its own lounge, café, equipment rental store, and locker rooms.
Century Park

Tips for Shanghai Century Park  

  • If you want to run or jog, instead of using the paths inside the park which are usually crowded, you can use the 5 km long tree-lined, shaded path on the outside circumference of the park to avoid crowds and save on the entrance fee. Some nearby hotels even have complimentary entrance tickets for guests.
  • The rented bikes here are not suitable for 6 feet or taller persons.
  • The park has sightseeing guided tour buses running along the main road in the park.

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Century Park
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Getting to Century Park

By Metro:
1. Take line 2, and get off at the Century Park Station, Exit 1. Enter the park through Gate 7.
2. Take line 2, and get off at the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, Exit 5. Enter the park through Gate 1.
3. Take line 9, and get off at the Middle Yanggao Road Station, Exit 3. Enter the park through Gate 2.
4. Take line 7, and get off at the Huamu Road Station, Exit 5. Enter the park through Gate 5.
By Bus:
1. Take bus 184, 794, 638, 640, or Pudong 35, get off at the Jinxiulu Shijidadao Station, and enter the park through Gate 1.
2. Take bus Pudong 35, 640, or 794, get off at the Minshenglu Jinxiulu Station, and enter the park through Gate 2.
3. Take bus Huamu 1, get off at the Fangdianlu Jinxiulu Station, and enter the park through Gate 3.
4. Take bus Huamu 1, get off at the Fangdianlu Huamulu Station, and enter the park through Gate 5.
5. Take bus 1013, get off at the Century Park Subway Station, walk northward, and enter the park through Gate 7.