Huaihai Road

Huaihai Road

Huaihai Road is a 5.5 km road located in Luwan District, and one of the popular tourism spots in Shanghai. It was named in 1950 to commemorate Chinese victory in the Huaihai Campaign.

Its modern buildings housing 400 plus high-end hotels, restaurants, international flagship stores, major department stores, shopping malls, and small boutiques contribute to the glamourous environment of the street, making it comparable to Fifth Avenue in New York, Ginza Tokyo in Japan, and Orchard Road in Singapore. Most of the buildings host shopping malls or department stores on the lower floors and offices on the top floors. 

The central section of Huaihai Road is one of the two major shopping centers of Shanghai. Whilst the other one – Nanjing Road – is more touristy and affordable, Huaihai Road is more upscale is more popular with the locals.

Huaihai Road

Three Sections of Huaihai Road

Huaihai Road comprises three sections: Middle , East, and West.

Middle Huaihai Road was built in 1901 as Rue Sikiang after the Xi River. The eastern portion of the road has a large concentration of Shikumen residences; the western portion is mostly lined with large houses and modern mansion blocks; while the middle section is a commercial centre with European-style shops, cafes, and restaurants. This Business Street is the main part of Huaihai Road.

West Huaihai Road was built as an extra-settlement road and is mostly lined with high-end apartment buildings and large houses owned by Chinese and foreign elites.

Champ Elysees Of Shanghai

With its sycamore-lined sidewalks and flanked by modern and classical French architecture, it is often referred to as the Champ Elysees of Shanghai. The elegant interior and exterior of these buildings exude fashion, style, and cosmopolitan charm.

Huaihai Road

Basic Information

Entrance Fee: Free
Opening Hours: Open All Day
Best time to visit: Besides going in the daytime for serious shopping time, the night views of Huaihai road are also a sight to see, with neon lights flashing across the buildings in different colors and patterns.  In autumn, the yellow leaves of sycamore trees cover the road.

5 Things to Do In Huaihai Road

  1. Pop inside the major department stores including Central Plaza, Shanghai Square, Shanghai Times Square, Hong Kong Plaza, K11, Sogo and Isetan, to sample a wide variety of local and foreign clothes, accessories, homewares, and foods.
  2. Window shop, or shop till you drop at any of the several luxury stores, including Louis Vuitton, Zara, H&M, C&A, Cartier, Gucci, Rolex, Coach, and Salvatore Ferragamo, all known for fine accessories and clothing.
  3. Don’t miss the International Shopping Center, one of the top things to do in Shanghai’s Huaihai Road.  Spread over an area of 40,000 square meters, the building has large and small gardens and stores connected to each other with criss-cross pathways. It is home to offices, amusement options, food, fashion brands, specialty merchandise, and duty-free stores selling imported goods.  
  4. Take a stroll along one of the finest residential areas in Shanghai, filled with imposing villas and their gardens. The road and smaller connected streets are lined with gorgeous oriental plants, old European style buildings, and numerous stores and cafes. In between walking and shopping, try out the foods at the several cafes and restaurants here.
  5. While you are here, you can visit prominent landmarks in the area including the Shanghai Public Library, Jiaotong University, the Xuhui Art Museum, the Site of First Communist Party National Congress, and the Former Residences of Madam Soong Ching-ling, Sun Yut Sen, and Songqingling.
Huaihai Road

3 Tips for Huaihai Road

  • Huaihai Road is a place where you will definitely be emptying your wallet and possibly also your credit cards; the shops here are above the average purchasing power range, so keep extra cash if you wish to shop here.
  • Avoid summer trips here as it involves a lot of walking, heat, and over-crowding.
  • If you are not a shopaholic, this place may not hold too much interest for you.

Recommended Hotels on Huaihai Road


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Getting to Huaihai Road

By Metro:
There are several metro stations located just along Middle Huaihai Road. Visitors can get off at any of them to reach the famous street. A section of Line 1 of the Shanghai Metro runs underneath Middle Huaihai Road with three stations: Changshu Road (interchange with Line 7), South Shaanxi Road (interchange with Lines 10 and 12), and South Huangpi Road, all named after streets that intersect with Huaihai Road.
By Bus:
1. Visitors can reach by bus route 922 as well as by taking Subway route 926 and 42.
2. Visitors can also take the city sight-seeing bus and get off at Huashi Plaza, No.688.