Shanghai Science And Technology Museum

Shanghai Science And Technology Museum

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Presenting a central idea of Mankind, Nature and Technology, Shanghai Science and Technology Museum is housed in a glass structured expansion near Century Park. It serves for the purpose of education, research, and leisure travel. It is located in Pu Dong New Area, on the southeast end of Century Avenue. This museum was opened for the public on December, 2001 but it was not visited much in the initial years of inauguration due to unpopularity. But since 2009, more than 18 million travelers have explored this enchanting place and acknowledged its cultural and scientific importance.

Hands-on and vivid, Shanghai Science and technology museum includes over 13 display corridors and 4 cinemas that have infinite screenings every year. The exhibition hall’s assortment covers subjects extending from nature and history to innovation. Each hall showcases a gracious collection of its relevant monuments. Shanghai Science and technology museum’s kinetic and child-friendly exhibits make it a popular destination for families.

Basic Information

Entrance Fee: CNY 45 for adults; CNY 22 for children above 1.3 meters (4.3 feet) ; Free for children under 1.3 meters.
Opening Hours: 9:00 AM – 5:15 PM; closed on Mondays, except public holidays. The ticket window opens from 8:55 AM to 4:30 PM.
Theater Ticket Price: from CNY 20 ~ CNY 40 (for different theaters)

Shanghai Science And Technology Museum

Exhibition Halls

The exhibition halls organized around a cellar and four stories that ascent in a winding spiral which represents technological advancement. Its structure contains a gigantic glass circle in a pool of clear water. Below are the 5 categories of monuments represented in the museum:

1. Earth’s Crust Exploration

The Earth’s Crust presentation territory shows that our earth is a “powerful structure” which is moving consistently and has its own advancement and transformative law through comprehensive phenomenon. This area basically presents our planet’s location and condition of movement referring to the whole universe, and Shanghai’s physical topography.

2. Wide Spectrum of Life

The exhibition hall, Wide Spectrum of Life, mimics the regular landscape of Yunnan Province in China, and showcases the biodiversity. You can see and appreciate the colorful and rich life marvels. You can predict the association among species and biology, and comprehend the significance of securing the nature and habitat.

3. World of Robots

The World of Robots display territory, permits visitors to encounter the quick advancement of man-made reasoning and appreciate the enjoyment brought by robots in different robot-related exercises.

4. Home on Earth

With the advancement of human culture, the world’s regular habitat has become increasingly more influenced. Subsequent to entering the modern insurgency, the quick improvement of efficiency and the populace blast have caused a progression of biological and ecological issues. The Home on Earth presentation hall advocates the concordance, conjunction and success among people and nature through the representation of biological calamities, changes of the Suzou River, and ecological information.

5. Information Era

Through the display of different physical articles, this presentation territory encourages people to get familiar with the contrast between innovation and traditional technology, to comprehend the use of data innovation in current life, study and work, and to encounter the social qualities of the technology period. It extends their comprehension of our society, and causes them to incorporate into the fast-developing information society.

Shanghai Science And Technology Museum
Shanghai Science And Technology Museum

7 Things to do in Shanghai Science and technology museum

  1. Discover the standards of science in the 100 intuitive stations inside the Light of Wisdom hall.
  2. Go to the focal point of our planet in Earth Exploration.
  3. Marvel at robots playing the piano, painting pictures.
  4. Comprehending the Rubik’s Cube in World of Robots corridor.
  5. Create your own video in Cradle of Design.
  6. Let the kids loose at the walk-in brain and heart of Children’s Techno-land.
  7. Experience blaze floods and torrential slides in the Ecological Disaster Theater.

Travel Tips:

  • It’s a spacious museum so strollers for the little ones will be helpful.
  • The museum is exceptionally spread out, you need to ensure you are not sitting around idly running everywhere throughout the halls. At the point when you get your tickets, buy a guide map and plan out your day before you start exploring the museum.
  • Remember your ticket times for films or displays, when deciding your plan for the day in museum.

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Shanghai Science And Technology Museum
Shanghai Science And Technology Museum – Google Map

Getting to Shanghai Science And Technology Museum

By Metro
Take Metro Line 2 and get off at Shanghai Science and Technology Museum Station. Get out via Exit 7 or 8.
By Bus
1. Take bus Shenchong Line 2 or Shenchong Line 4 and get off at Shanghai Science & Technology Museum Metro Station.
2. Take bus 983, 987 or Pudong Line 36 and get off at Shiji Dadao Dingxianglu Station.