The Bund

The Bund

The Bund, also known as Wai Tan, is the number one tourist spot in Shanghai. Owing to its iconic stature and mesmerizing architecture of buildings, it has become the symbol of Shanghai. Missing a visit to The Bund while in Shanghai, is similar to missing Eiffel Tower on a visit to Paris.

The Bund is a 1.5 Km long pedestrian pathway along Huangpu River. It is located at the west bank of Huangpu in Puxi district of Shanghai.
It offers a unique contrast of historic and modern Shanghai. On the west of The Bund, there are 52 buildings belonging to colonial-era with vastly versatile architecture including Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Neo-Classical or Beaux-Arts styles.
On the east, across the Huangpu River stands, with all its glory, a cluster of eye-capturing grandiose skyscrapers in Pudong Area of Shanghai.

Entry Fee: Free

When you should visit The Bund

The Bund offers unique experiences at different times of the day.

Morning: In the morning you can enjoy Sunrise across the Huangpu River. If you are interested in closely observing the locals of Shanghai then you are in a treat as you can witness them exercising, performing Tai Chi, walking, running and flying kites. In quiet mornings, you can sink in the experience in tranquility.

Noon: You can enjoy the the buildings sights during the day. Also, you might want to explore the buildings from inside and learn about the history of buildings. During summer it can be humid and might be difficult to navigate around the place.

Bund Noon

Night: Night offers the best of this picturesque spot. Lighting of the building dazzles first time visitors and makes them come again. Pudong’s modern buildings in the front and historical magnificence one’s behind, The Bund offers the perfects place to enjoy the spectacular architecture. Evenings can get crowded making the place lively.

Historical Buildings on The Bund

7 things to do on The Bund

  1. Stroll along the Bund: Taking a walk along the length of the Bund is a pleasurable experience. You will enjoy stunning architecture of 20th century neoclassical buildings and illuminated grandeur of the Pudong. You can also take the guided tour to explore The Bund in depth.
  2. Huangpu River Cruise: You can enjoy a cruise on Huangpu river. You will be able to see the iconic buildings and modern architecture on both side of the Huangpu river. You can book a shorter version (1 hour) or a longer version (3 hours) of the cruise. If you are on a budget or have short time, you might enjoy even shorter version of the experience by taking ferry across the river to Pudong.
  3. Take Panoramic Pictures: You can take panoramic pictures of The Bund area from Pudong Binjiang Avenue, on a Huangpu River Cruise, and one of the skyscrapers in Pudong like Shanghai World Financial Center, Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Jin Mao Tower and Shanghai Tower.
  4. Waibaidu Bridge: It is earliest and longest steel bridge in city which has gained iconic stature. It also functions as a scenic spot to witness electric views of The Bund. It is a popular spot for wedding photos.
  5. The Bund Sightseeing Tunnel: Although not a very popular activity to do yet people usually experience travel across the river through sightseeing tunnel. tourists are taken via automated cars while tunnel is illuminated with multicolored lights. Kids would love the experience though.
  6. M on The Bund: After wandering around the area, you now feel the need to relax a bit and M on The Bund offers quite a place to that while still remaining enchanted by the view. Terrace is the perfect spot to view The Bund. Restaurant offers delicious western cuisine.
  7. The House of Roosevelt: This is another fine restaurant which offers equally good views of The Bund while being classy and historical in itself.
Crowd at The Bund

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Getting to The Bund

By Metro
Take Line 2 or Line 10 to East Nanjing Road Station. Then walk along East Nanjing Road for about 10 minutes.
By Bus
1. Take City Sightseeing Bus Line 1, 3 or 5 to Waitan Haiguan Dalou.
2. Take bus 33, 55, 65, 123, 135, 145, 305, 317, 576, or 934 to Zhongshan Dongyilu Hankoulu.
3. Take bus 37, 307, or 330 to Zhongshan Dongyilu Nanjing Donglu.