Eday Town

Opening Times: 10:00 am to 2:00 pm

Eday town is an educational as well as entertainment center where younger ones of age 3-13 are provided with different roll play activities through which they can have a broader outlook of practical life and its requirements.
Situated at the Zhongsheng World Mall, this unique place is best for a perfect kids’ day out. Parents can observe their kids; learning new things and performing their duties like adults.

Things to Do in Eday Town

Comprising of 45 theme halls, Eday town offers a different kind of fun along with the related information of various careers that a child wants to opt in future. It features 50 industrial replicas, 8 businesses, 40 different occupation-related roles and 70 roles for kids play. Some of the roles offered in Eday town are; pilot, dentist, photographer, fireman, baker, dancer and businessman/woman etc.
Do make your kids visit this place once in a lifetime, this will surely be a wonderful experience.


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