Shanghai Zoo

Opening Times: 7:30 am to 5:00 pm

It would be unfair to leave China without visiting everyone’s favorite fluff balls, the giant Pandas. Shanghai zoo, along with other animal species, holds about 10 lovely pandas which are safely living in large green enclosures.
Built in 1954, this zoo sprawls over an area of more than 74 hectares. The zoo is divided into 5 different exhibition areas i.e. Carnivores, herbivores, amphibians, primates and birds.
Pandas are placed in the carnivorous zone because they belong to the bear family. Early pandas were meat eaters but switched to green bamboos with the gradual environmental changes.

Things to Do in Shanghai Zoo

Two separate houses are allocated to the giant pandas and the red pandas. The fan-shaped giant panda house consists of an indoor exhibition hall plus a playground and a pool. The circular red panda house is divided into two parts; an indoor part and an outdoor part. Visitors can easily watch these black-eyed pandas playing here and there all day.
Shanghai Zoo also features a swan lake, a beautiful Rose garden and a large lawn for visitors to relax or kids to play. Some of the other animals kept at the zoo are; Formosan rock monkeys, monk cranes, Manchurian tigers, Chimpanzees, polar bears and South China tigers.
Have a trip to this large green spot in Shanghai, your kids are going to love it for sure.

Alternatively, you can also visit Shanghai Wild Animal Park which is also a top contender for best things to do and see in Shanghai for families with children.


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