Fuxing Park

Fuxing Park, opened to the public in 1909-French Concession area, is also known as Gujiazhai Park. The park covers an area of 92,000 square meters and is situated on Yandang Road, Shanghai. As the park was constructed in French area, dominant designing is French, consisting of artistic patterns and chequered plaids. Featuring both classic French and precious Chinese styles of layout, this unique park comprises of many beautiful landscapes, making it one of the best parks in Shanghai.

Major Sections of the Fuxing Park

There are a lot of exciting attractions in this park, awaiting your visit. Most notable ones are; the peaceful Lotus pond, a spectacular Rockery in southwestern part of park, the Sunken Flower Bed designed particularly in French style, China Rose Garden present in the northwestern part, the Big Old Tree, also known as “Shanghai No.2” because of its gigantic body, located near the southern gate of Fuxing park and the very famous statue of Marx and Engels which were built in 1985.

Things to Do in Fuxing Park

People of all ages are well entertained by the Fuxing Park. Besides the major attractions, Fuxing Park also features a quality bar for adults, called the Park 97 Bar. Minors are provided with a carousel, bumper cars, Donald duck, ocean ball and big train. Locals visit the park and have fun with different relaxation activities including; Tai chi, dancing, flying kites, singing in groups, playing instruments, various body exercises and much more.

How to Get to Fuxing Park

To reach Fuxing  Park, you can take metro to its nearby stations and make a little walk to the park, e.g. you can go for Metro Line 1 and line 3 to South Huangpi Road Station and Xintiandi Station respectively, which lie at a distance of 400-500 meters from the park.

Fuxing park is certainly a perfect destination for the people searching for a peaceful spot amidst all the bustle of hotels and offices in the Shanghai city.


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