Shanghai Auto Museum

Entry Tickets Price: 60 yuan
Open Times: 9:30 am to 4:30 pm (closed on every Monday

Shanghai Auto Museum is one of the finest museums in Shanghai. It is one of China’s professional automobile museums, aimed at giving its visitors, a diverse view of the automobile industry.

It is located in the Auto Expo Park in Anting, Jiading with four separate portions of the building allocated for different purposes. First floor comprises of the History Museum which provides an outlook on the history of cars, their manufacture, exploration and diversity. Over 20 classic vehicles are showcased here to demonstrate the substantial impact of autos in the advancement of human society.
Collection Museum is present on the second floor which was newly opened in April, 2014, after a renovation of four months. The exhibits in this part of the museum include a vast range of traditional car models. A 1930s’ watch-type metering oil pump, displayed here,  completely reveals the historic progress of gas stations.

The Auto Discovery Pavilion, located on the third floor, was built with the support of special funds from Shanghai Science and Technology Commission. Its construction completed on December 18, 2009 and was then opened to public. Its three divisions of functional areas are enough to provide huge amount of knowledge regarding vehicle construction, comfort, safety and future of cars.
It is one of revolutionary project of Shanghai International Automobile City, promoting automobile culture in Shanghai tourism. If you are a car lover than this museum surely awaits you.


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