Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum

Entry Ticket Price: 20 yuan
Open Times:  9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Shanghai is the only Metropolis in the world which allowed Jews to take refuge in it during Second World War. In the memory of that noble act, Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum was built in 1927 as Ohel Moshe Synagogue. This Synagogue, now one of the most renowned museums in Shanghai, was the place where refugees at that time gathered for their daily rituals.

Jews lived a very peaceful life around the Synagogue till the end of war. After 1960s, they started emigrating to other parts of the world but their life in Shanghai was so pleasant that they used to call it their Second Home. A group of refugees, who once took refuge over here, visited Shanghai in 1986 and showed immense gratefulness towards the local people. Ever since, the Synagogue was given the status of a museum and now holds a significant place in Shanghai tourism industry.

It is declared as a site of protected cultural relics. After its renovation, much of the old stuff is replaced by new one. A place of worship is made in the forefront of Hall and many paintings, hanging on the walls, represent ancient Jewish culture.
If you want to know about the life of 30,000 refugees, who settled in Shanghai’s Hongkou District during WWII, this is the place to go.


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