Shanghai Museum of Glass

Package price: 160 yuan
Open Times: 11:00 am to 5:00 pm

The Shanghai Museum of Glass is a welcome addition to the city’s tourism attractions. Situated in Baoshan District, the museum was a glass factory until 1990s and thus primarily guides the visitors through the history of glass. Glass blowing demonstration area is the primary attraction for the visitors in the museum. Besides, the museum hosts permanent and temporary exhibitions on regular basis. It also has a cafe, a gift shop, a museum plaza, outdoor event spaces and a contemporary art exhibition, which make it a great place for you and your children.

What differentiates this glass museum from conventional museums in Shanghai is that it includes several forms of art under the unifying glass theme. In addition, the museum also attracts and educates masses through hot glass shows, do it yourself workshops, lectures and other interactive activities.


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