Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall

Entry Ticket Price: 30 yuan
Open Times: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (ticket selling stops at 4:00 pm, closed on every Monday)

The purpose behind construction of this exhibition hall was  to demonstrate the achievements in the field of city planning and constructions. Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall, constructed on an area over 3600 square meters, was opened for public in 2000. It has seven floors, out of which five are above the ground.

Apart from promoting Shanghai tourism, this museum has many other functions including research, communication, reference and exhibition. Main theme of the building is ‘People, Environment, City and Development’, chiefly focusing on the development of the modern-day city from the old small village. It also shows a glimpse of future Shanghai with the help of modern technology, i.e. fantasy-view magic vision and virtual reality.

The building also adds to the beauty of surrounding with its aesthetic ideals all taken from the traditional Chinese constructions. Hall’s top is designed in the shape of the flower of Shanghai – a white magnolia. The building received many awards for its marvelous design including ‘Luban Cup’ and ‘White Magnolia Cup’.

A huge number of people visited it since its opening, be it foreigners or natives including many Chinese leaders. Due to its multi functionality, the Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall is also sometimes regarded as Shanghai’s window to interact with the outside world.


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