Expo Park

Opened to the public in 2017, the Expo Cultural Park is stretched over an area of 189 hectares. The area was once used for expos only, which were chiefly themed on agriculture, industrialization and architecture. But recently it was converted into a public park providing the public an outlook on city building in regards of urban and ecological relations.

Major Sections of the Expo Park

Located on the bank of Huangpu River, this park is well known for large-scale exhibitions. It is primarily divided into four themed corridors i.e. Culture Corridor, the River Link Corridor, the Nature Corridor and Energy Corridor. In addition to enjoyment, these four portions provide thorough information about development and modernization of cities and their cultures. This park comprises of many gardens adorned with beautiful flowers, which enhance the beauty of this park.

Things to Do in Expo Park

This park is one of the best modern parks in Shanghai. It provides mesmerizing panoramic view of the Huangpu River from many positions i.e. under the Lupu Bridge while moving towards Houtan park which is interconnected with Expo park. Comprising of manygrassy areas, the park serves best for relaxation and picnic purposes. This park is a perfect blend of botanical and industrial landscapes.

How to Get to Expo Park

Expo park is conveniently reached by taking Metro line 8 to the Yaohua Road Station.
You can also rent a cab and get to the park easily.


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