Gongqing National Forest Park

Second largest park of Shanghai, Gongqing National Park is located in the north of Shanghai- Yangpu district and sprawls over an area of about 130 hectares. This Forest park was once a tree nursery but later on in 1980s it was converted into a park to increase the greenery of city. Split into two portions, north and south, this park is indeed a wooded wonderland with numerous botanical landscapes and lakes, making it one of the best parks in Shanghai.

Major Sections of the Gongqing National Forest Park

Out of the two major sections, the northern part is the larger one and features most of the amusements and activities of the park i.e., rock climbing, horse riding, kart racing, toboggan ride and roller coasters etc. However, the smaller southern gardens are home to mini lakes and beautiful ponds which enhance the scenic beauty of the area. Park also homes an indoor exhibition of various plants and Hongsen Forest Park Hotel offers night stay in the comfy cabins amidst the woods.

Things to Do in Gongqing National Forest Park

There is a lot of fun waiting for you at the Gongqing forest including, log water boating, fishing, paintball and horse riding. A very famous barbecue area is provided to the visitors in the northwest part of the park. Park also features some restaurants which mainly offer Chinese cuisines. Separate kids area is provided for children to have fun.With its large grassy areas, the park is certainly the best choice for family picnics on Sundays.

How to Get to Gongqing National Forest Park

You can quickly get to the park by taking Metro line 8 to the Shiguang Road and after that either walking a less than 1km distance to the park or renting a cab.

Gongqing National Forest Park is undoubtedly best picking for everyone looking for a peaceful corner away from the hum of the city.


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