Huaihai Park

Located on the Huaihai road, it is a small park with no fence or gate around it. This J-shaped park was formally opened to the public in 1958, chiefly for the rest and recreational purpose of visitors. Considering everyday jogging and morning walk, this small park serves perfectly to the locals of the area.

Major Sections of the Huaihai Park

Being a small public park, this park doesn’t offer much for tourist sightseeing; however, it is one of the few parks, built on French styles and layouts. It is a mixture of both Chinese and Western systems of construction.

Things to Do in Huaihai Park

People visit this park for many reasons; some do their daily exercises while others just walk around in the calm green area. There is also a bar in the park from where visitors can buy snacks and energy drinks after a rigorous exercise. Visitors of this park are mostly nearby residents.

How to Get to Huaihai Park

To reach the Huaihai Park, take line 1 of Shanghai Metro and get off at South Huangpi Road Station.
Or you can also take line 7 and get off at Dashije station then walk a bit to the park.


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