Jing’an Sculpture Park

Home to the very famous Shanghai Natural History Museum, Jing’an Sculpture park is situated on the 500 Beijing W Rd close to the West Nanjing road- hub of present day amusements.  This day by day expanding park features remarkable sculptures from 61 different cities of China and refreshing green area with a variety of trees planted all along the length of the park. Theme of this park is as such to promote a relation of harmony between nature and mankind.

Major Sections of the Jing’an Sculpture Park

Jing’an Sculpture Park offers many attractions to the tourists especially the legendary Museum with a huge collection of relics from old Shanghai. Other renowned spots of the park include Peter Woytuk’s colors of happiness, Girouette Monumentale, Large Parrot Screams Color, Ostrich Hide and Seek, Urban Fox, Music Power and Red Beacon etc.

Things to Do in Jing’an Sculpture Park

Apart from visiting major attractions here, people also have fun doing other activities in open areas of the park. Some do their dance practice in this calm environment while others jog around on the tracks provided to them. Kids learn to use inline skates and some people visit the park only to meditate in a tranquil atmosphere.

How to Get to Jing’an Sculpture Park

Most quick and easy commute to the park is by renting a vehicle but if you prefer bus rides then take bus 869, 36, 109, 974, 952B and 933 to the park.
You can also get to the park using metro line 1 and 13.


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