People’s Park

People’s Park, also called the Renmin Park is closely situated to the north of eminent People’s Square in Huangpu Shanghai. Covering an area of 98,200 square meters, this park was previously the site for Shanghai Racecourse. It comprises of eight gates and is divided into three major sections; Eastern area, Middle area and the Western area. All three areas are equally significant and feature striking landscapes and layouts, enhancing the beauty of Central Shanghai.

Major Sections of the People’s Park

Occupying both historic as well as ecological landmarks, the People’s park has a lot for the tourists’ interest. Some notable areas include the Antarctic Stone located in the middle area of park, historic Memorial to the May Thirtieth Movement in the northeast, English corner, the marriage market and the beautiful Lotus Pond in western area of park, which hosts a striking lotus show in summers. People’s park is also home to the well-known Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Art which is famous for modern-day arts and designs and for organizing large-scale exhibitions too.

Things to Do in People’s Park

The marriage market of People’s Park is most busy on weekends, when a big number of people visit the market to find a perfect match for their sons or daughters. The park also offers some quality restaurants and bars for refreshments. The English corner is a very interesting place where local students meet foreigners to improve their English skills. This corner was set up by some students in 1980’s. Local people visit the park and relax themselves doing Tai chi and other exercises whereas foreigners along with exploration, also come to the park for jogging and a good stroll the paved paths provided.

How  to Get to People’s Park

You can easily reach the park by taking bus 20, bus 37 or bus 330 to Jiujianglu Huanghelu Station and then walk a bit to the Gate 4 of the People’s Park.If going through metro, you can take line 1 or 8 and get off at People’s Square station, then after a small walk, enter the park through Gate 1.

This park certainly serves as a calm oasis in the middle of the city where people find an escape from the everyday hectic routine.


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