Shanghai Botanical Garden

Shanghai Botanical Garden, once known as “Longhua Nursery Garden” was formally opened to public in 1978, which now covers an area of 81.68 hectares. This park homes various local and foreign species of flora including, Bauhinia, Cherry, Plum, Peach, Magnolia and Begonia etc, conserved in spectacular orchids, providing striking sightseeing to the visitors.

Major Sections of the Shanghai Botanical Garden

This whole park is divided into many different gardens, all equally significant and worth visiting. For example, the Azalea Garden with a collection of over 5000 pleasant smelling azaleas, the Bamboo Garden with one hundred different species of bamboo from China plus all over the world, the striking Garden of Maple, Osmanthus Garden and the refreshing Garden of Magnolias etc.

Things to Do in Shanghai Botanical Garden

However the park stays full of life and colors throughout the year, best time to visit it is from May to October, when it hosts International Flower Exhibition. At this time of the year the Gardens are crowded with vibrant flowers, which offer a wonderful site for the eyes. With plenty of grassy areas and meadows, the park certainly serves best for sitting and relaxing in a refreshing atmosphere. Walking paths are also provided. The park offers a separate kid’s section to have fun with children.

How to Get to Shanghai Botanical Garden

There are total four entrances provided by the park and you can get to either of them by taking the bus going to their nearest stations. Some of the buses to Shanghai Botanical Garden are 56, 714, 720, 956 and 958.
You can also take line 3 of metro to Shilong Road Station and then walk for 4-5 minutes to reach entrance 4 of the Botanical Garden.

This park is certainly a great place for relaxation of mind, while enjoying variety of nature.


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