Xujiahui Park

Xujiahui Park, with an area of 86,000 square meters, was built in 2000 in the center of European Concession of Shanghai. This park is wrapped by four famous roads i.e.   Zhaojiabang Road, Hengshan Road, Wanping Road and Tianping Road, making it easily accessible from every corner of the district. With a mixture of urban and ecological landscaping, the park features a variety of floral species e.g. southern magnolias, golden rains and sycamores etc, scattered here and there all along the park.

Major Sections of the Xujiahui Park

Amongst the notable sections of the park is the 200 meter long sky bridge, traversed along a length of the park. The tall chimney, representing the old industrial era of the city, serves as the beacon of park. Beautiful calm pond, with swans in it, is surely a refreshing sightseeing. The park also features a few paved basketball courts.

Things to Do in Xujiahui Park

With large grassy areas, the park provides enough space for people to relax in open area. Many people enjoy sitting by the pond to watch and feed beautiful black swans swimming in it. Long paved paths are provided for jogging and a healthy morning walk. Basketball players prefer this park because of the courts it provides. Sometimes at night, the large open areas of the park are used for square dancing by small groups of people.

How to Get to Xujiahui Park

You can easily reach the park by taking metro line 1, line 9 and line 11 to the Xujiahui Metro Station.


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