Zhongshan Park

Named after the famous Chinese revolutionist Dr. Sun Yat-sen (Chinese name Zhongshan), this beautiful park was built in 1914, on Changning Road. It is stretched over an area of more than 200,000 square metersover 260 species of trees, mainly sweet osmanthus, cherry blossoms, peonies and Chinese roses are planted in it which add a gentle aroma to the atmosphere.

Major Sections of the Zhongshan Park

This huge park has a lot of natural and manmade scenic spots which you should not miss at any cost. Four must­-visit areas of the park are; 130 years old Big Tree, the largest lawn of Zongshan- the Great Lawn, Great Stone Bridge,  and the very elegant Marble Pavilion, which are most notable owing to their historic backgrounds and classic architecture. Other scenic spots of Zhongshan include Peony Garden, the Mandarin Ducks Lake, the Chinese Rose Garden, the relic of the rear gate and the Family Pool etc.

Things to Do in Zhongshan Park

Lakes of the park allow visitors to have fun with boat paddling and fishing. The park also offers various exciting rides. Many snacks stalls are provided all along the park. Besides exploring different attractions, you can also spend a great leisure time with the family by flying kites in open areas, or have a good game of badminton. Many people come here on weekends just to relax in the fresh green environment, to do tai chi, dancing or simple exercises.

How to Get to Zhongshan Park

You can reach the park by taking metro line 2, 3 or 4 to Zhongshan Park Station 2. You can also take a bus to the park. Some of the buses you can take are 20, 67,519, 765 and 941.


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