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Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport

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Hongqiao Airport is one of the two international airports in Shanghai. It caters to both international and domestic flights. A lot of people come and go from Shanghai through this airport. If you are one of those people or simply passing through, this guide can be very helpful for you. A lot is happening at this airport and knowing your way around could be a challenge without the proper information. To help you out, we have prepared this comprehensive guide. It includes information on facilities, transportation, to lounges, and any other services that you can expect. Read on to find out more about what you can find here and how to go around.

Official Name in Chinese: 上海虹桥国际机场
Official Name in English: Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport
Address in Chinese: 上海市闵行区虹桥路2550号
Address in English: 2550 Hongqiao Road, Minhang District, Shanghai

Another name for this airport is SHA Airport. It is also called Shanghai Airport, but you will find that name officially used for Pudong International Airport only. However, Shanghai is still used in the names of both airports.

Transport to and from the Airport

Being an international airport and situated in the heart of Shanghai, Hongqiao airport connects to all modes of transport within the city. Whether it is for traveling within the city or to other parts of the country, you can find a transport solution for every scenario. Let us take a look at what each mode of transport is like and how you can use them.

Shuttle Bus

SHA Airport has two terminals operating inside it. Terminal 1 is for international flights and Terminal 2 is mainly for regional and domestic flights. People keep moving between them for several reasons and to facilitate them, there is a free shuttle service. The shuttle takes about 15 minutes to move from one terminal to the other.

Typical operation time for the shuttle service is 06:00 AM – 10:30 PM for Terminal 1 and 06:00 AM – 11:00 PM for Terminal 2. The service is quite frequent with buses leaving after every 15-30 minutes. You can find the stops for the shuttle bus at the following locations:

  • Terminal 1: Gate 6 of International Departure
  • Terminal 2: Gate 1 of Arrivals Area

In addition to serving the airport passengers, the SHA Airport shuttle also caters to passengers who want to visit Shanghai.

For Terminal 1, you can find 2 bus lines that travel to the city from the airport. These are Line 176 and Line 807.

For Terminal 2, there are 6 bus line operating that take you to different parts of the city from the airport. These include CBD Ring Line 1, Line 941, Airport Line 1, Hongqiao Hub Line 9, Minhang Line 18, and Hongqiao Hub Line 4. In addition to the regular lines, there are two night lines as well. these are the Night Shuttle Bus and Line 316.

Each line caters to a different part of the city and the following table provides the destinations for each of the buses going from both Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.

Terminal 1

Bus LineDestination
Line 176West Tianshan Road Fuquan Road
Line 807Qingjian Xincun

Terminal 2

Bus LineDestination
Hongqiao CBD Ring Line 1Shenhong Road Zhouhong Road
Line 941Shanghai Railway Station (Southern Square)
Airport Line 1Pudong International Airport T1
Hongqiao Hub Line 9Jiading Passenger Transportation Centre
Minhang Line 18Jinhui Road Baole Road
Hongqiao Hub Line 4Zizhu Science Park
Night Shuttle BusLujiazui
Night Line 316East Yan’an Road / The Bund

While there are no city-bus or inter-city bus terminals directly at the airport, you can easily find one by leaving the airport and hailing a taxi. The shuttle itself has multiple stops that also interlink with city bus terminals.


Shanghai has a vast network of metro lines spread all across the city. Naturally, it covers the Hongqiao airport as well. Two main lines provide transport to and from the airport. These are Line 2 and Line 10. The following table should give you sufficient information on the two lines with regard to airport transfers and other stops that come on those lines as well.

Line NameDeparture StopMain stops on the LineFinal Destination
Metro Line 2Pudong International Airport First train: 06:00 AM Last Train: 10:00 PMHaitiansan Road, Yuandong Avenue, Lingkong Road, Chuansha, East Huaxia Road, East Chuangxin Road, Tang TownGuanglan Road
First Train: 06:00 AM Last Train: 10:00 PM
Metro Line 2Guanglan Road – East Xujing First train: 05:30 AM Last Train: 10:50 PMLongyang Road, Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, Century Park, Lujiazui, People’s Square, Jing’an Temple, Zhongshan Park, Hongqiao Airport Terminal 2East Xujing Subway Station
First Train: 05:30 AM Last Train: 10:45 PM
Metro Line 10 Hongqiao Railway Station First train: 05:55 AM Last train: 10:05 PMHongqiao Airport Terminal 1, Longxi Road, Hongqiao Road, Shaanxi Road, Xintiandi, East Nanjing Road, WujiaochangNew Jiangwan Town
First Train: 05:25AM Last Train: 10:05 PM

You must keep in mind that if you are transferring from Pudong Airport you will have to take Line 2 as mentioned above and change lines at the Guanglan Road Station.

To travel on the metro, you can either buy a ticket from the station or get a Shanghai Public Transportation Card if you are coming to stay. This should help you a lot by smoothing out the ticketing process in several places.

Shanghai also has a high-speed Maglev train, but it does not operate at Hongqiao Airport. Only passengers arriving at Pudong Airport can avail that service.


Taxis are available at both terminals of SHA Airport and you can easily find one for your destination. For passengers looking for taxis at Terminal 1, you will find it on 1F at the Arrival Hall. For passengers at Terminal 2, the taxis are available on 1F at the Arrival Hall, specifically at the southern side of Gate 4.

When visiting different parts of Shanghai by taxi, you can expect your fare to be anywhere between CNY 40 and all the way up to CNY 300. This range is for most of the tourist destinations around Shanghai and your fare is according to your distance.

Shanghai’s taxis are metered and follow a fixed charging system that you can find in the tables below. The starting rate, as you can see, is between CNY 11 and CNY 18. This amount is fixed and covers the first three kilometers of your journey.

Downtown Shanghai

Distance TraveledDaytime 5:00 AM – 11:00 PMNighttime 11:00 PM – 5:00 AM
0-3 kmCNY 14CNY 18
3-15 kmCNY 2.5/kmCNY 3.1/km
More than 15 kmCNY 3.6/kmCNY 4.7/km
Waiting ChargeEvery 4 minutes of waiting time will be equal to the per km price. The charge rate will be distance-dependent (as described above).
Fuel FeePassengers are not liable to pay for fuel

Shanghai Suburbs

Distance TraveledDaytime 5:00 AM – 11:00 PMNighttime 11:00 PM – 5:00 AM
0-3 kmCNY 11CNY 13.2
3-10 kmCNY 2.4/kmCNY 2.9/km
More than 10 kmCNY 3.1/kmCNY 3.7/km
Waiting ChargeNo waiting charge applicable
Fuel FeeCNY 1 per trip

When using the taxi service in Shanghai, you must ensure that the taxi you use has a running meter. This will be helpful in making sure you do not face any problems. The most common issue is when taxi drivers don’t use meters properly and force customers to pay more for extra distance. However, this does not happen very often, and you can easily avoid it by taking this precaution. Keep the receipt you get from your ride with you in case you leave something behind or have a complaint.

Transit Visa

Shanghai has a special policy where passengers coming to either Hongqiao Airport or Pudong Airport for transit can stay in Shanghai for up to 6 days! The service covers 53 different countries around the globe and provides a great chance to explore the city. You can see if your country is also covered in this service by checking this complete list.

Hongqiao Airport Hotels

For some people, especially those who are in transit, leaving the airport can be a bit scary. So, if you are planning on staying at or close to the hotel, Hongqiao Airport offers a decent range of options to choose from. The table below shares some key details on each hotel.

Hotel NameTravel TimeShuttle ServiceObservations
Shanghai International Airport Hotel5-minute walking distance from Hongqiao airport Terminal 1Airport shuttle service included in packageThis is a day booking airport where you can stay at an hourly rate. The minimum stay is for 2 hours with a rate of CNY 150. The timings for this hotel are from 06:00 AM till 04:00 PM. This is a 3-star hotel with basic services like lounge/bar, hot tub, business center, massage center, meeting rooms, etc.
Argyle International Airport Hotel5-minute walking distance from Hongqiao airport Terminal 1Pick-up from airport included with shuttle service every two hours.This Australian-managed 4-star hotel is also very close to SHA Airport and has a full range of amenities like fitness center, spa, business center, and meeting rooms, free breakfast, multiple language support, and more. Booking start as low as CNY 300 for standard two-person rooms
Boyue Shanghai Hongqiao Airport HotelN/ALocated in Terminal 2This is another 4-star hotel that you can find in Terminal 2 of SHA Airport. The hotel provides all the usual amenities like fitness center, lounge/bar, transport to the airport via shuttle, children area, babysitting services, etc. Both English and Chinese language is spoken here. Standard 2 person rooms cost around CNY 380 here.

There some other hotels in the vicinity as well that you can check out on your arrival at the airport. All the airports listed here, and some other airports also facilitate online booking for interested customers.

Internet Services

Hongqiao Airport has free Wi-Fi service in all areas of the arrival and departure lounges of both terminals. To get the username and password, you can use a Chinese SIM card, that is if you have one. For foreign visitors, there are machines all over SHA Airport where you can get a free username and password to use the internet.

Facilities & Activities

SHA Airport provides plenty of opportunities to enjoy yourself while you are at the airport.

  • Restaurants: Unlike Pudong Airport, Hongqiao Shanghai Airport is not as well-established restaurant wise. However, you can still find many nice places to dine at for local food. All the restaurants close at night with the latest time being around 10:00 PM. There are some popular international chains here as well, like the Subway, McDonald’s, Bread Talk, Qasabo Sushi, and more. You can eat anytime you want as there are some places that stay open 24 hours a day.
  • Airport Lounges: There are several lounges at the airport, and you can enjoy your time thoroughly here. You can either buy a day pass or pay an hourly rate to enter these lounges. Some passengers may get free access depending on if they have lounge passed or special credit cards. The table below shows the names of the most popular lounges at the airport.
Lounge NameLocation of Lounge
First Class LoungeTerminal 2 Domestic Departures, near Gates 25 and 26.
V01 VIP International LoungeTerminal 1 International Departures, 4th Floor. 
Golden Century VIP LoungeTerminal 2 Main Departure Hall, 3rd Floor, near Entrance Door 8.
VIP LoungeTerminal 1 Domestic flights, Building A, next to Gate 5.
VIP Lounge V05Terminal 1 International Departures, Building A, 3rd Floor.
VIP Lounge V03Terminal 1 International Departures, Building A, 4th Floor.
  • Day Care: Shanghai Airport Hongqiao has a dedicated daycare center where parents can take their children to let them spend their time having fun. This can be particularly useful for parents who are in transit with young kids that need the distraction. There is professional babysitting staff available on-site to facilitate passengers and their children.
  • Business Centers: You can find business centers and services in multiple areas of SHA Airport. These are present in all the lounges at SHA Airport, in the adjacent hotels, and other designated areas. If you don’t want to pay steep prices for business services, the airport provides its own suite of services like internet access, fax, and photocopying service. There is one in each terminal, so you won’t miss it regardless of whether you are traveling domestic or international.
  • Currency Exchange: You can also get your foreign currency changed to Chinese yuan from both terminals. For Terminal 1, the currency exchange places can be found at the baggage claim, guest meeting area, and internal departures hall. You can also find them in Terminal 2, but these are not typical booths. Instead of interacting with a person, you can easily get your money out by using a currency exchange machine.
  • Duty-Free: Being the most enjoyable area in any airport, Hongqiao airport also has a decent collection of shops for visitors. With more than 75 shops in the whole area, there are plenty of local and international brands that you can opt for. Whether you decide to spend your time window shopping, or you end up buying something too.
  • Storage and Lockers: If you are staying at SHA Airport for a long time or you want to head out, you may want to consider renting a locker. You can get a locker for small bags for up to 24 hours at a rate of CNY 25. Medium bags can cost CNY 45 for 24 hours and large bags start at CNY 50. You can find lockers in the Departure Hall Gate 5 of Terminal 1 and Arrival Hall of Terminal 2.
  • Medical Services: The airport has its own medical staff to deal with small emergencies. They can also provide assistance to passengers in case anyone is not feeling well. Medical services staff is present in both terminals. You can find them near Gate T09 (Domestic Departures) and Gate 101 (Domestic Departures) of Terminal 1. For Terminal 2, you can find them in Floor 3 lounges, M2 transit level, and Floor 1 of the Arrival area. The staff is typically present from 06:00 AM till 10:00 PM.
  • Charging Stations: To facilitate the passengers, SHA Airport has dedicated mobile charging stations all over the airport. Not only are there direct plugs for plugging in personal chargers, but you can also use outlets where you can drop your phone for charging and then pick it up later. The rates are quite low and if you do not have your own charger these are definitely the way to go for.
  • Other services: For those needing it, the airport also provides smoking areas to the passengers. The airport does not have any sleeping arrangements for passengers who want to sleep during transit and avoid payments.
  • Exploring Shanghai: With the visa-free entry option, a lot of passengers have the option of leaving the airport to check out multiple places around the city. if you are coming for a long transit and have visa-free entry, it could be an amazing opportunity for you to explore the beautiful city and its countless attractions.

General Advice

Although Shanghai Airport is a great place to be at for any reason, you can always count on this advice to help you out during your journey through this airport:

  • Always keep your belongings secure. Make sure you do not leave anything unlocked, especially if you are resting in a public area.
  • If you are planning to sleep in an open space, make sure you do not do so alone or in a corner. Always be with other passengers for added security.
  • Shanghai mostly stays cold during the year so do pack warm clothing in your bag. This is especially important if you want to spend your night comfortably.
  • In case of an emergency or a problem, do not forget to call the staff on duty for help.